Ship's Store 2019

Welcome to our new and exciting SRYC Online Ships Store

This year we will be running the ships store on line with our new vendors John and Annette Brunton. Here is their website:

JBA Embroidery

Please feel free to visit the site. Most of the items that you will be looking for are under the Resort Wear selection at the right hand side of the home page.

If you would like to place an order, you will contact me at the email address or phone information shown at the bottom of this letter. I will be happy to take the order with item number, size and what you want printed on your items. Items will be sold at prices shown without tax and shipping, plus the embroidery cost of approximately $7.00. I will place your order and deliver it to you. Their turnaround time is very short.

The SRYC Name/Burgee Logo has already been digitized by our new vendor and is easily embroidered on all items purchased. When I deliver your order to you, you may pay with cash, or write checks to the SRYC. I will pay the vendor directly from the club.

You are welcome to add your boat name and/or names of Captain and First Mate as desired. As long it is just printing, it will be charged at the normal embroidery price. Any type of picture would need digitization and you would be responsible for this charge in addition to the item and embroidery.

Thank you, best regards and happy shopping!

Vice Commodore Mark Fabere